Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm Back

I thought I would come back to the blogging world! 

Whats been happening in my life this year.

Well unfortunatly I have left work, and I'm unemployed.  but It was a voluntery deciecion due to my health.  Now its my time to replax.

I never thought I would be once of those people that would reply on the government to live.  But I kinda had no choice!  It was becoming increasingly hardder to get up in the morning and make it to work.

I wanted to leave on a high not a low.  I didnt want to wait until I was the worst employee.  My boss was upset I was leaving because I contibuted to the team allot.  but she did understand my reasons, and supported my decisions.

This is my 3rd week off from work, and Its strange to think I have no date to get back to work.  I'm thankfully not spending time in bed feeling sorry for myself.

I make sure I get up at a reasonable hour, have breakfast and just take the day as it comes.  I do try to give my a task to get done everyday.  It gives me purpose, a responsibility, something to get up for!

I've planned some things in the next couple of weeks, giving me somthing to look forward too.  I'm going to Warnambool on a VLine train on Christmans day.  I'm going with my friend lisa.  I've never been on a long train trip before.  so I'm very excited!

Then for New Years Eve and New Years day, im taking my Mum and dad to the Marybourough Highlland Gathering.  I've always wanted to go to it, so now I have the time to go.

Next Week mum has Monday and Tuesday off, We have made tentiive plans to go to the VIC market and hopfully go and see the new Top Shop that has opend last week and maybe Zara, both in Melbourne and had a big hype arround them opening. 

I'm so fortunate I have a huge support network arround me, My mother is the best!  she puts up with my bad days, when I snap for no reason, or if I'm in tears of pain she there telling me everthing will be ok.  I also have My father, who dosent say much but I know he cares, he is ok with my not paying board at the moment, and that speaks louder than words.  I have my Sister Kelly, who sends SMS's of support!  sometimes those messages are exactly what I was looking for at the exact time.

I have the best friends in the whole world, and I only hope when all these people need support or comfort, i'll be there to help somehow.  I want to repay all the kindness they have displayed towards me. to and clean the house, its mopping the floor day and cleaning the bathroom!  I think I will pop on some music and make some fun of it!

I have so much I want to achieve with my time off (3 months) at the moment.  I only hope I can get the list done, its huge!  but for once in  my life I plan to take one day at the time,  I'm trying to stay away from making too many plans!  I dream big! and I tend to get too ahead of myself!

I plan to blog eveyday , I think it will be good therapy for me, lets see how it goes

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top Life Moments

Day two in the blogging world!  What should I write about?

I was talking to my Friend the othernight I mentioned I was thinking about my life eventhough at times I may find it dificult there are moments I treaure that I would not swap for the world. I've decided to talk about them here, so they will last in my memory forever.  I may add to these moments but these are some of my Faviourite ones I will start with a couple on my second post, and continue the list tomorrow not in any particular order they are all  special to me and I remember as if they all were yesturday!
1.First Overseas Holiday

Wow! I still remember planning this holiday.  I finally talked dad into letting me take Mum back to Scotland.  First step or I'd like to say Dads only condition that mum could go was that she become an Australian Citizen!  After 35 odd years in Australia and I at 23 was more Australian than Silly!  at a particular point you'd think she would be Autonatically a Citizen.  Mum invented a new word she was a Scozzie!  Australian /Scottish

Well I must of Been Jellous, so I decided to become I dual citizen too  so I now was a Scozzie!
We spent time in Scotland with Mum's Sisters and their families.  I loved hearing all the stories about family history.  Seeing where Mum went to school, various houses they lived.  I truely loved this holiday not only did I understand My Mum more, but I really loved sharing my first O/S holiday with her.  This holiday as a whole is on of my Top 5 moments!  Every Moment, seeing Edinburgh for the first time, finally living the dream of seeing Big Ben and lastly meeting all my cousins!  Now with the aid of Facebook, makes it easier to catch up with everyone!

One moment I loved, was being in London, and hearing Big Ben Chime!  I thought WOW  I'm actually here in London!  A Dream come true.  I Loved the whole expericence  even all the plane Travel...Question is Did I catch the travel Bug?

 2.  New Zealand

Well exactly 12 months after I arived back in Melbourne from Glasgow, I had the holiday of a life time on the North Island of New Zealand!

I went with My dear friend Lisa, Matt and Hilton, I didnt know Matt and Hilton that well but after two weeks spending 14 hours a day traveling the whole of the Island I soon realised I had two big brother like figures as friends!  Why was this holiday a life chaning moment?  What made it so memorable?  I done things I thought I would never do. Quad biking down MASSIVE sandunes,sand tabogining, a Flying fox ride down  Gravity Canyon!  (got all the way up the top of the mountain and remembered I'm a wee bit scared of hights) but out of all these wonderfull moments the one I really treasure Is whitewater rafting!  (I done the one thing my Mum asked me not to.)  My goodness I was surviving on Pure Adrenilin for days after my experience!  half was through our rafting experiecne Lisa, Matt and Hilton decided to jump in and float down the stream...the location was amazing surrunded by Volcanic Rocks and the water was crystal clear!  I decided to jump out the other side of the raft, as everyonelse  was enjoying themselves  why not me?    The answer should of beem, you can't Swim! but I had a life jacket Right? No, the life jacket wasnt on correctly!  so I was bobbing up and down, drowning you could say but thankfully I had grabed on the rope on the wraft and that kept me afloat.  what makes this story so funny is, our Guid saw I was struggling and asked if I wanted a hand to get into the wraft?  So he pulled me back in, and I landed straight on top of him, now I had so many layers on me, wet suit, splash jacket, jumper, and a life Jacket (not that it done the job) so when I landed on top of him, he was dry, so we were kinda stuck, he said "I dont know how you Girls in Australia get men, but this inst the way to do it. lol!  finally we seperated and he asked Why I got back into the wraft, I said I can't swim, "why did you you jump in Then?" he was then a little concerned because aparently we had not come to the worse rapids yet.  They had names like the knee cracker, and the bone killer! loveley, but I made it out alive to tell the story and I love the fact I tell this story and I have everyone in stiches.

Anyway I Shal continue my best life moments another day.  I 'm off to get ready for me Dinner party.....!  Yay I love dinner parties.


Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello, My name is Megs

I'm 29 years old heading straight to the milestone of turning 30!  I'm happily single and living my kind of life constantly out to have fun!

I have a great bunch of family and Friends who I wouldnt swap for the world! Maybe they would swap me!

My Big sister Kelly (aka Messy Freckle) has been raving about the world of blogging and talked me into giving it a try.  So here I am...

{Kelly and Me}

I will tell you a wee bit about me shal I.  I work in a Hospital, as a Medical Recepionist......close to being a doctor right....? no not quite but maybe I might be in the running to marry one.  I wish! 

I have a good social life, but sometimes  I just love staying home, watching movies or My faviourite TV shows.

I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I love everything Jane Austin....friends may tell you Its more like an obsession! My perfect ideal man is Mr Darcy, or perhaps Mr Knightly...any would do.  I am overley Romantic, and I think thats why I'm idea of Romance is so off this planet, that unless a Man is willing to be Romantic 100% of the time, its not worth MY time.  see I told you that is why I'm still single.

My Mum insists I'm too fussy but I know its because I love being me.....waiting and wishing for My Mr Darcy, My Romeo or My own version My own Mr McDreamy with a wee bit of Mr Mc Steamy...better yet all of the above!  see I have high standards, but why shouldnt I....I'm worth It!

other than loving everything romance, I also love music, I love the discovery of a new song that makes me feel emotion! weather it be happy of sad if it touches my soul it wins my heart.  I love having music to match my Mood.  at the moment I love a song from Sia (My love) wow I've listened to it so much , I think It wll be on my "Most Played" list on my Ipod.  I tend to go backwards with music, I discover them years after they are popular! lol!  typical  there is allot of Irish blood it me.  I love Ben harper at the moment....I Thnk he was popular a little while ago.  I'm also a BIG fan or Sarha McLauchlan, seeing her live once I really apprecatied her songwriting ability.  I'm not into Pop music, it has to be pritty special for me to like it.  I do have to admit, I have a broad range in my Music taste, I love everything from Opera, to Rock and everything inbetween.  I'm prowd of my scotish side (My mother is a prowd Scot) so I will even admit I love the Bagpipes ....and the pipe bands...why should I apologise?

Now on to some things about me you may or may not find interesting! 
I love writing song lyrics!  I've been on a writng spree recently.  I have one big problem you see, I dont play any Musical instrument!  When I write my song lyrics, I develope them too my own tune/melody in my head.  But In a world changing event...a couple of Months ago I sat with a Mucic Producer and finally started the wheels in motion. I now have music to my own song!  not finnished yet but its well on its way!  but I will tell you more on that later...maybe even a snippit on my blog! 

Final bit of  information on me, I love Hair assessories......maybe childish but I onece read in a Magazine that you can wear hair assessories, Glitter and anything pink until your 32! I only have two years left and you bet ya I'm making the most of it, wearing things in my hair, glitter and maybe even pink!

I hope to enjoy this blogging experiecne!  And its off to a great start! 

Au revoir  (yes I also love everything French)